Fundraiser at Frankie's Place
6:00 PM18:00

Fundraiser at Frankie's Place

Join Friends of Jaime Guzman in supporting the most qualified candidate to take on the incumbent in the 14th ward.

Jaime is the only challenger with,

LEGISLATIVE EXPERIENCE: He worked on important legislation for a county commissioner while serving as his chief legislative analyst. While some electeds rely on ghost writers, and while others running in the 14th ward will have you believe they are qualified by inflating their resumes or sensationalizing their relationship to some elected official – he has actually done the work, and will write his own legislation to benefit not just the 14th ward, but the city as a whole.

EXPERIENCE WORKING FOR AN ALDERMAN: No other candidate can say that they have worked at an alderman’s office. Jaime served for an alderman as an assistant, and provided direct services to all residents on a fair and equitable basis.

10 YEARS OF COMMUNITY BUILDING: No other candidate running in the 14th ward can tout 10 years of non-profit program management experience. Jaime has spent a large part of his professional career in community building efforts throughout the city of Chicago, and has leveraged resources for essential programs for street intervention, place-making, economic development, digital literacy and access to technology.

PARENT OF A CPS STUDENT: No other candidate can say that they are the parent of a Chicago Public Schools student. Education policy isn’t just important for his family (and they don’t use it as part of some nicely phrased platitude) – they live and breathe it.

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